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Through my signature framework the My Bulletproof Budget method. You’ll find a mix of behavioral psychology, solid strategies and money mindset practices that will empower you to create the life you dream of.

I believe every single person deserves an abundant life

No matter where you’ve come from, no matter what mistakes you’ve made in your past – you are capable of having an abundant life.

I know exactly what it feels like to live from launch to launch. That feast or famine cycle is crazy stressful. I know the defeat of feeling like I’ve tried everything to make my finances work, only to have things stay the same, or get worse!

It takes great courage to keep going. And I see you, you’re still here. You know that it is possible to create security and abundance, you just need to know how to really make this shift.


meet sarah my bulletproof budget

This has shifted my mindset completely. I feel confident and in control now.

Melissa R

meet sarah bulletproof budget

When it all changed

I was exhausted. It felt like I just couldn’t do anything else to turn my situation around. There I was; divorced, trying to raise two sweet kiddos, working full-time while trying to finish my college degree, not yet receiving any child support… and then the boom came.

Autoimmune disease.

Seriously? Like I needed something else to worry about. I was giving my all to  make a nice life for my kids and then having to take terrible medication made me so sick?

I felt defeated, as though these struggles were all I had in store for the rest of my life.

Have you ever felt like that?

Then I had my moment of clarity. When my littlest one came up to me to tuck some blankets around me on the couch, momma was too sick to play. I knew that I couldn’t continue down this path of struggle and lack of freedom. Something had to give.

And so I tried something else. I found out about behavioral psychology, and boy did that change the game! After I understood how my mind was sabotaging my  finances, I found I could actually set myself up for financial success by working with my brain instead of against it.

All the tools I had tried before were about changing how I was, who I was, what I did. And they never worked. Personal change is really hard! But I actually didn’t have to change as much as I thought I needed to.

Ever since that first discovery my life shifted. From buying my first home to graduating college. I was able to actually save and provide the life I had dreamed of.

This is what the My Bulletproof Budget Method is all about

If I can create security on a variable income, so can you!

meet sarah bulletproof budget
meet sarah live long and prosper

In a Nutshell


Now that you know about my story and my love of finance. Here’s some other, more whimsical, facts to know about me.

currently sustained by


on my nighstand


on repeat

brooklyn duo

favorite show

Great British Baking show or Fixer Upper

dream vacation


never say no to

new plants for my garden

number one fan

Green bay packers

exercise of choice


New Around Here?


It’s not your fault that all those systems and methods you tried in the past didn’t work. They were designed for people who work jobs in that corporate life that you just knew wasn’t right for you.

Guess what? That type of budgeting isn’t right for you either! You create your own work and your own hours and your own life my friend! 

Why should your finances be any different? Get started creating your very own Bulletproof Budget by clicking the resources here.

bulletproof budget template

Step 01

Bulletproof Budget Template

start with this

bulletproof budget template

Get started setting up your bulletproof budget with this easy template. No percentages, no rules, just an ordered template to guide you on those first steps.

bulletproof budget blog

Step 02

Read the Bulletproof Blog

a wealth of strategies

bulletproof budget blog

Ever wonder why you make the $ decisions you make? The blog dives into behavioral psychology and mindset shifting for your personal and business budgeting

my bulletproof budget testimonial home page

Step 03

Bulletproof for Life Program

total transformation

my bulletproof budget testimonial home page

Heal your relationship with money so that you can earn it, manage it, spend it, save it and invest it with confidence and have lasting financial security.



it's you…

Listen up my friend, I see you wanting a more balanced and secure life. The most powerful thing you can control is how you decide to approach your life. And your personal finances? Well, they affect every single aspect of your life.

I’m sure you feel like you have no time to spend on another single blessed thing – but just imagine if you could eliminate all the time you’re wasting trying not to worry about money, trying not to act like your financial situation is completely freaking you out right now.

That time spent focusing on what you don’t want is the time you could be spending putting a solution in place so that you don’t have to pretend you have it all together – you will truly have it all together. You will have the peace and security you’ve been craving for so long.

bulletproof budget blog

Bulletproof Budget Template

The #1 thing proven to increase your wealth? Having a written plan! Get started bulletproofing your finances with this straightforward template.

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