3 tips for how to manifest money with ease

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how to manifest money

Manifest {verb}:  to show something clearly, through signs and actions 

So, how to manifest money? I really love this Oxford Dictionary definition of “to manifest”. If you spend time on Instagram, you are probably familiar with this term and concept. It is hugely popular among coaches and entrepreneurs. Manifesting can sound a bit…. Woo-woo. Something that only people who are really spiritual or “out there” are interested in. I can understand why some people steer clear of giving it the time of day. This is down to lack of information, or worse, misinformation about what it actually means to manifest. How to manifest money isn’t just about your mindset. It isn’t enough to feel abundance, to attract it. 

There is nothing remotely whimsical about this very simple definition. It is a definition that can be quickly understood by all in a reasonable manner. Understanding signs and taking action are both keys to manifesting anything. Those skeptical that manifesting works may have an understanding that to manifest money is to say “I want a million dollars” every day and believing that it will land in your lap.

Mindset and positive thoughts and affirmations are of course important when it comes to manifesting money. However, we still must take action. Those of you who are practical thinkers will be happy to know that there are steps that you can take to create abundance in your life. I will tell you though that attracting money into your life requires a shift in mindset and some internal work to figure out exactly what it is that you want.

How to Manifest Money: Tip #1 

Determine the Emotional Outcome You Want to Achieve 

When trying to figure out how to manifest money, it can be difficult to not get hung up on the numbers. Focusing on an amount is not the way to go. This may sound really strange but hear me out. Does a numerical figure hold any emotional value to you? I’m confident that it doesn’t. You may think that the amount of dollars in your bank account has an effect on your emotions but it is probably the thought of what the money represents. Your dream life is a feeling, it isn’t about the number. Numbers are abstract, they aren’t going to drive you to success. 

Have you ever asked yourself the all-important question: what would truly make you happy? Often we rely on extrinsic factors to determine what we should want. Social media paints plenty of pretty pictures of lifestyles that, sure, look ahhhmazing but may not be actually what you want in your life. Set goals based on YOU and only you. 

To really bring this point home, I wanted to show you some examples of REAL motivators Vs. a list of 00000s

  • Stress-free 
  • Content 
  • Satisfied 
  • Fulfilled 
  • Free 

It is these types of emotions that should be your motivator and your goal. Start to decide how you want to feel, rather than how much money you want to make.

How to Manifest Money: Tip #2

Take Aligned Action 

Once you know exactly what your goals are, you can start to prepare an action plan to bring it to fruition. Keep your motivators in the forefront of your mind at all times so that you can ensure that every action you take is aligned with your goals, values, and desires. 

So, how can you take aligned action? By implementing strategic financial steps that make sense for you and embody the feeling or emotional outcome you are looking for. So many of us live an unaligned life. We accept certain realities and never challenge them. We accept how we feel and never change it. This can cause our actions to feel fruitless and pointless because they don’t “feel” right or connected to us. 

Finding alignment between how you feel and what you do is a key step in manifesting anything and in this case financial freedom, abundance, and ease. So, create an action plan of tasks that feel right for you and that are going to move the needle closer to your dream life. See, I told you a blog about how to manifest money didn’t need to be all fairy dust.

Here are two ways that you can take aligned action today:

  • Setting up automated savings targets
  • Setting aside an influx of money you weren’t expecting

How to Manifest Money: Tip #3

Understanding the “How”

If you are like… Literally everyone… You will experience some impatience and uneasiness once you’ve set a new goal. “What do we want?” “Money!!” When do we want it?” “NOW Yesterday!”

It’s normal to be excited about a new goal and that you want results as soon as possible. However, trying to control exactly how everything will go and happen could actually be hindering you from achieving success. I see so often people overthinking and analyzing their goals and questioning them at every opportunity. The most fantastic thing about aligned action is that once you have done the work to understand exactly what you want and then put a plan into action, the rest will fall into place.  Focus on embodying the feeling you want to achieve, take action that matches that and it will work out.

You really need to trust the process and most of all trust yourself. We are talking about lifelong change and action here. It isn’t going to happen overnight. If it was that easily attainable, everyone would have it, right? 

Final Thoughts…..
Through signs and actions, you can learn how to manifest money in the most organic and aligned way possible for you. It really is the amalgamation of aligned action and openness to getting what you want and deserve. We can so often be the sole reason that we don’t succeed. If this sounds like you, I would recommend reading my recent blog which details how you could be preventing yourself from attracting abundance.

Learn more about how to manifest and take aligned action with the Money Mindset Membership.

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