Bookkeeping Client Experience: 4 ways it will make your life super easy

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bookkeeping client experience

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to start working with a bookkeeper or to hire me as your bookkeeper, I’m giving you a look behind the scenes at how the process looks for you as a client! Understanding the bookkeeping client experience you will have goes a long way to feeling comfortable in the hiring process.

I must start by saying that when I decide to take someone on as a client it is both an emotional and financial investment for us both. I know this! Hiring someone to help you with your finances is no small thing and I don’t take that privilege lightly. I also don’t opt to work with everyone that wants to have me take care of their books for them. I know who my services are best for and that if we resonate deeply, we will create wonders together in your business. If we don’t, that’s ok and you should find a bookkeeper who will.

Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping Client Experience: Phase 1 – Inquiry

bookkeeping client experience inquire

It all starts with you reaching out to me via my inquiry form (here if you’re ready now). Whether you find me via my blog, my website, my Instagram, the Money MythBuster Podcast, Pinterest or one of my many guest podcast appearances or article quotes; you have landed on my little part of the internet.

You are looking for some help with your business finances and are looking to hire a bookkeeper. You complete the inquiry form (don’t worry it’s easy and basic!). You then get an email back from me saying how excited I am that you are reaching out – because I AM! In that email I am sending you a link to schedule a zoom meeting so we can see if we vibe. This part of the bookkeeping client experience is not the most exciting but it can feel like a big step and I honor that by making it as simple as possible,

How the Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping client experience is different from others you’ve experienced:

Many times, when you submit an inquiry form any call you have with the service provider describing their services to you and you asking process-based questions. This is not what my calls are about. When I send you the link to schedule your call you receive a client services document that clearly outlines all the services I offer. The call is a time for a few questions, sure, but mostly it’s a vibe check. I want to get to know you as a person and I expect you to ask me questions as you would in an interview.

Because that’s what this is! It’s a two-way vibe check to make sure we are the right fit. You will know before you even book a call with me whether I offer what you are interested in. We don’t have to discuss that. We can talk about the specifics of what you want from the services guide (because I expect that you will read over it and come prepared with your wish list!)

Once we are done with our call, I will send you an email within 48 hours (about 2 days) with either a proposal to work together based on our discussion or a polite declination. If we are not a great fit and I have someone in mind who might be great for you, I will pass along their information to you at this time. (There’s no scarcity here. I want ALL my bookkeeping comrades to be successful and just because I may not be the best fit for you doesn’t mean you aren’t destined for bookkeeping nirvana.)

The bookkeeping client experience inquiry phase looks like this:

  1. You complete an inquiry form
  2. I respond back with excitement, link to schedule and services packet
  3. We meet for our call/vibe check
  4. Within 48 hours (about 2 days) of our meeting, you received from me either a proposal outlining how we might work together for your review or a polite declination and potentially a referral to an alternate bookkeeper.

Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping Client Experience: Phase 2 – Contract and Payment

bookkeeping client experience contract

The next phase of the bookkeeping client experience is all about coordinating how we will work together. Once we have checked the vibe and I have sent you the proposal you simply verify the options we discussed, sign the contract and make your initial deposit all in one swoop. No back and forth, easy peasy.

All payments are made electronically, and monthly payments are automatically charged to your account for the length of the contract. Good news though! Guess who’s doing your books, so you won’t need to worry about the money being there 😊 See how that works out?!?!?

How the Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping client experience is different:

What’s different about this part of your bookkeeping client experience? I expect you may have me sign a contract for you as well! We both deserve protection and in our business relationship our contracts serve completely different purposes. So please, send me your NDA or independent contractor contracts!

Also, we don’t believe in manual payments in my world. It’s all about ease and that means automatic billing. Since we work together on a monthly retainer basis, I coordinate all the payment set up so that it automatically pulls from your accounts.

Contract and Payment phase of the bookkeeping client experience looks like:

  1. Proposal confirmed
  2. Bookkeeping Contract signed off by both parties
  3. I sign any contract you need for your independent contractors (such as an NDA)
  4. Initial payment made and recurring payments set up for the duration of the contract

Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping Client Experience: Phase 3 – Onboarding

bookkeeping client experience onboarding

Once we’ve signed contracts and initial payment is made, we move onto my FAVORITE part of my bookkeeping client experience!!!! Onboarding! The one thing that clients dread most and my favorite way to make you feel taken care of!

I literally used to do onboarding for my corporate job and have onboarded employees for years after I left the education department in the large healthcare company, I worked in. It is a SKILL and I love making it as easy as possible.

We go about this in a few steps that are customized to you and the services you’ve selected. This is the general outline below.

  1. I will send you the client onboarding questionnaire so that I can develop your custom onboarding map
  2. Once you return that I will map out every step we need to complete together into your onboarding map
  3. We work in the client portal to complete the checklist together so that the progress is easily trackable, and your action items are as breezy as possible.
  4. Once the onboarding phase is complete, we move into the next phase!

How the Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping client experience is different:

Everything is mapped out. There is no wondering what is happening when, no endless email strings trying to get information. It’s seamless and complete because I organize it for you so that you can complete your portions easily and I take care of the rest.

Many time onboarding requires you as the business owner to guess what your contractor needs or provide them with lots of information all at once and it’s easy to forget what they need to know.

I have your back. I take all the guesswork out of it by walking us through a thorough and complete onboarding map together so that we always know where we are and what each person needs at each phase of the process.

Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping Client Experience: Phase 4 – Monthly Work

bookkeeping client experience working

I won’t lie, just about everything in our monthly process will be a bit different than the norm. Because of the groundwork we take care of during the onboarding phase it sets up a very easy workflow for us as we move into our monthly work together.

I’m a big believer in setting up organized, self-sustaining systems from the beginning so that you can go through your day barely thinking about it later. That’s exactly what I want my clients to feel about their bookkeeping and business finances. Aside from receiving your beautifully laid out financial reports (yes, I happen to love design as much as I love spreadsheet!) I want you to barely think about your finances.

Depending on the service package you choose you will receive either:

  1. Gorgeous custom reports sent to you monthly (quarterly and annual reports included) or
  2. A monthly financial strategy session to go with those fabulous reports

Other than that, your bills, budget, vendors, online sales and salary are all taken care of. You easily submit receipts for the odd expense by either forwarding the email with the receipt or snapping a pic on your phone and never worry about it again.

And this allows you to do what you always dreamed of, focus solely on the creative part of your business while still having all the financial information at your disposal to make strategic decisions to scale your business, skyrocket your profits and build personal wealth.

Philosophy of the Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping client experience:

The goal with your bookkeeping client experience is that it feels easy and effortless while still giving you all the information you deserve to be informed and make the right decisions for your business.

I want you to feel completely at ease and that you know how it all works and goes together but that you don’t have to DO any of it. It just WORKS.

I also want my clients to feel fully empowered to ask questions, request data and information that they feel is relevant to their decision-making process. Want to know something and need the information pulled out of your financial reports? I can help with that. I want you to always feel that you have what you need.

Ready to start your Bulletproof Budget Bookkeeping client experience?

You can submit the inquiry form right now to get started! Click the button below now

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