Are You Feeling Broke?

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Here are Three Powerful Tools to Snap Out of It

are you feeling broke

Are you tired of feeling broke? Although I don’t experience this dreaded feeling anymore, I still remember how it felt. It used to creep into my psyche and bring with it a dark cloud that you can only label as despair. As I write these words, I realize how dramatic and theatrical that sounds, but it’s freakin’ true. It reminds me that these feelings are so common. Have you ever felt it?

I’m guessing if you’ve taken an interest in this article then the answer is yes. Don’t feel alone in this feeling. So many people experience it every single day. To be honest, remembering the emotions that come with this level of stress and despair is a blessing for me. It reminds me of my WHY. I never want another woman to feel like I did all those years ago. So, let’s talk about it. 

What do we usually do when we are feeling broke? Our typical go-to solution always seems to involve some version of “I just need more money”.

My friends, I am here to tell you this mindset is holding you back. Bear with me here… the mentality that more money is the solution for how to stop feeling broke is a trap. Don’t for a second feel foolish about this belief. Books, apps, and many “financial gurus” all want you to believe that it is. Financial help is a massive market, after all. It’s something that I go into in-depth in the blog Budgeting Resources: Behavioral Based Budgeting 

I used to believe it too but as I moved through different phases and income levels in my life, I came to realize just how false it is. Not only is this belief false, but it’s also really harmful. It’s dangerous because it tricks you into believing the solution to your emotional state is money. It is not.

I am so freaking passionate about this y’all! Your mindset about money is not at all correlated to how much or how little you have. You and only you can choose your mindset each and every single day of your life. Therefore, if you feel broke, you are choosing that feeling.

I want to make the point now before I continue that these aren’t just words on a screen…. I’ve been seriously broke before. I want to show you how to challenge this lie, just the way that I did, and remind you that you have a choice. A choice in how you think about money. Take back this control with these three powerful tools that I still use on the regular.

Stop feeling broke by infusing gratitude

There is a reason being intentionally grateful is mentioned a LOT when it comes to changing your money mindset. If you really want to stop feeling broke you need to take regular moments to infuse some gratitude into your day. I’m not just talking about general thankfulness either. I want you to get specific.

Think back to when you were first living on your own as a young adult. What did your financial situation look like then? Compare that to how it is now. Chances are you’ve made a ton of small but important steps forward in your finances. It can sometimes be hard to acknowledge until you look back a few years.

If you are keeping a budget, track your quarterly goals. Make your progress visible and tangible so you see all your efforts are achieving something. I know sometimes when you are sticking tight to a budget you can feel broke because you don’t have ‘extra’ but this visual of your true gains can stop this lie in its tracks.

Remind yourself that any progress is good progress. A tiny step forward is better than staying still, or worse moving back. You don’t have to be paying off your credit cards and have 6 months in your emergency fund to be celebrating progress. So, what’s the first step towards those bigger goals? Sticking to your budget! Celebrate no matter how small the victory may seem.

January can be a particularly difficult time when it comes to goal setting. With so many people online proclaiming “New Year, New Me” and oversharing their goals for the upcoming year. I recently saw one who declared they were going to pay off their college debt, car loan, and save 50k all in the first half of the year. I admire big goals that are full of ambition. However, does this sound realistic? How deprived and stressful does this year sound for that person? The point is, don’t be too hard on yourself whilst always remaining grateful.

Stop feeling broke by including regular rewards in your life

No matter what goal you are trying to achieve, it is important to reward yourself for your effort.

As humans, we are conditioned to perform hard behaviors in hopes of getting a reward. Lol, we sound like the family pet. When was the last time you did something super hard knowing you’d get nothing good out of it? My guess is probably never. We need to be motivated in order to be consistent and work hard.

A reward is anything that makes you feel a little bit spoiled and special. We each have our own ideas about what this means. A key component to stopping feeling broke is to manage your money mindset by creating positive associations with continuing on your financial path. My criteria for a reward is this:

Is it something I wouldn’t normally do for myself but always want to do?

Does it feel luxurious?

Is it easy to do?

When something meets those criteria I know I will seriously enjoy it and I am likely to truly make it happen for myself. It’s no use giving yourself a reward you won’t actually experience. I prefer to have experiential things as rewards versus items. It works for your money mindset whether you have a physical reward or not. Here are some of my favorite examples to help you get your creative juices flowing. Remember rewards don’t have to be monetary:

  • A relaxing bath – maybe with essential oils, bath salts, a bath bomb
  • Sitting outside in my backyard reading in the quiet with a nice beverage
  • Lighting some candles in the evening, putting on some good tunes, and doing some yoga (I love Yoga with Adriene for my free yoga from home)
  • Taking a nap
  • Having a foot soak while watching something lovely on the tv (usually a classic movie)
  • Doing a face mask (great homemade recipe)
  • Playing an extra board game with my family
  • Laying out in the yard in the sunshine and reading or just listening to nature

How rewards can work for you to help you stop feeling broke

Rewards can work in several ways. I like to regularly reward myself simply for staying to course. Instead of setting these crazy goals for which I get something pleasurable, I like to just reward myself for staying on budget, not spending on my credit cards that month, or something simple. Celebrate the little victories! This is what works best for me.

If you want to set a target goal and then go big on your reward that’s a great idea too! Paid off all your credit cards? Do something awesome to celebrate! My advice is if you’re going to celebrate with something that costs money, plan for it. Include it as a part of your goal by saving up for it. So if you want a night out on the town in all your fancies, save up!

Stop feeling broke by resetting your money mindset

Ok friends, this is a big one because your money mindset will make or break your ability to stop feeling broke. If you are constantly saying, “I’m broke” what does that say? It implies you have no money at all, you are lacking, you have less than you need. Maybe it is true but it leaves no room for gratitude or for the universe to add abundance to your experience. So here are some common verbiage shifts you should make:

From “I’m broke” to “I am providing ________ for myself right now”.

Use this as an opportunity to list all the things your money is doing and providing for you right now. Gratitude shifts the mindset towards the positive.

From “I don’t have money for that” to “That is not in my budget right now because I am prioritizing other things.”

Even though it still sounds negative it says you are in control and you have chosen not to spend on that area.

From “I wish I had more money” to “I am in control of how I choose to spend my money”

Use this so you don’t focus on just having more money but on your efforts you have control over and what you are doing to make it better.

Another powerful tool for resetting your money mindset is using mantras. My favorite money mantras are:

  • I live in abundance
  • I make the right financial choices to ensure the future I want for myself.
  • I use my finances to create the life I desire.

What to do next?

Know someone who needs this in their life? Share it! Pin it. Email this link to a friend. Share it on Facebook. But more than anything, my friend, please use these tips and ideas for how to stop feeling broke! I promise it will change your life.

Got a question for me? Feel free to get in touch for some Sarah Support.

I’m Sarah


On a mission to change the world of finance from stuffy suits and guilt-trips to a place of understanding supported by solid strategy; I have personally journeyed from homeless teen mom to ass-kicking CEO and now my work centers around empowering women like you to do the same.

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