4 Mindset Shifts You Need Now To Start Attracting Abundance

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attracting abundance

How often do you hold yourself back? We so often put roadblocks in our own way, and with that justify to ourselves as to why those barriers are there in the first place. Money mindset is something talked about so much, especially lately. As I noted in my blog Shift your Money Mindset Easily with these 10 tips.

“Understanding the hidden and unexplored side of your money mindset can help you overcome the barriers that have been standing in your way with your finances, regardless of your financial situation.”

Putting these barriers in your way will hinder you from attracting abundance into your life. It can be confusing to understand why we so often self-sabotage. Our actions and responses are often caused by a biological response to keep us safe, which could explain our resistance to change and things unknown. I want to walk you through some of the reasons you could be stopping yourself from attracting abundance. This is from my own experiences and from working with clients over the past number of years. 

One thing I want to make clear before we start. We are all human. We all feel and react differently but also very similarly. I’m here to call you out on ways you’ve been holding yourself back purely with the intention of helping you on your journey to financial freedom and ultimately your dream of living a joyous life. Sounds good, right?

You Don’t Think You Deserve Abundance 

attracting abundance

It kills me to see so many women struggle with this limiting belief. In order to attract abundance into your life, you must first believe that you deserve it. It must start with you and your perception of what is possible and what is rightfully yours. After all, abundance is your birthright. We all deserve it. We need to look at where this limiting belief comes from. Does it come from within? Or have external factors hindered us from attracting abundance by convincing us we are not deserving of it? It can be both of these things.

If you’ve ever been told that you don’t deserve abundance, you really have to look at the person/persons who are telling you this. Often when people try to put us down or hold us back it is because they are afraid and feel that if they haven’t figured it out yet then they don’t want you to either. We cannot let others project their own fears onto us and for sure NEVER take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from. You cannot attract abundance from a place of fear.

You Think You Need to Earn it 

attracting abundance

I’ve spoken a lot about this one recently. How old-school concepts are still deeply ingrained in us. Baby boomers and generation x would have been brought up to believe that money must be earned in a humble way through hard work. This belief has deep-seated religious roots where people were largely taught that they were “bad” and need saving. How does this relate to earning money? Well, if we truly believe this then we will also believe that you must earn good things and be deserving of them. Attracting abundance has nothing to do with earning money.

I don’t even know where to start with the damage this has caused people. Equating money to morality is an absolute farce. Money has nothing to do with morals. Being poor doesn’t make you a good person and being a millionaire doesn’t make you a bad one. It has nothing to do with a person’s value. It is simply a method of calculating value. 

You don’t need to work your hands to be bone and run yourself into the ground to be deserving of money. Attracting abundance is only possible if we truly believe we are worthy of it.

You Think That It’s Hard to Get 

attracting abundance

How is your relationship with money? Are you going steady? Or is this a “left on read” situation? We can often have this weird notion that money is playing hard to get or more literally that it is hard to get. We can have conversations with ourselves in our heads along the lines of” surely if it was easy to get, everyone would have it”. This is another self-made roadblock that you’ve decided is reality.

Thinking that money is hard to get will have you worrying about failure. That there must be a reason why not everyone has it or is in the financial situation they dream of. Comparing yourself to others is literally the worst thing you can do to improve your mindset. 

Attracting abundance can only happen with self-belief and a positive attitude. Worrying that it is hard to get is really just another way of saying you’re worried you will fail and so you don’t try. It’s an excuse. If that last part hurt, I’m sorry but being self-aware is vital to changing your mindset.

You are Worried That it Will Change You 

attracting abundance

It is no secret that really rich people have been stereotyped as long as money has been printed. We hear that they are ruthless, selfish and greedy. Are there such people out there, hell yes… probably too many to count. That has nothing to do with you though. To be honest, some of those labels may have come from people who were jealous but not willing to go after what they really wanted. Don’t hinder yourself from attracting abundance with the worry that it’s going to change you and turn you into a green-eyed monster. 

Naturally, you may be fearful of the unknown. However, you know yourself better than anyone. You choose how you are going to be and how you will handle it. You know what? The fact that it’s even a worry of yours indicates to me that you will be different from that preconceived idea you have in your head. The thing about money is that changes in your financial situation will only magnify the person you already are and the tendencies that you already have. This could be greed and dishonestly or generosity and humility. Money is an amplifier of your character. Food for thought….

Final Thoughts

attracting abundance

Attracting abundance starts with you. Understanding where your thoughts come from is the first step to shifting your mindset so that you’re open to receiving what you want. I don’t want this to sound too much like woo woo because it really isn’t. When you smile at the world, the world smiles back at you. If you tell yourself you aren’t good enough, smart enough, wise enough, worthy enough… chances are you won’t be. 

But I know something you might not know yet. You ARE worthy enough, just as much as the next gal. Go get yours….

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