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It’s not your fault that all those systems and methods you tried in the past didn’t work. They were designed for people who work jobs in that corporate life that you just knew wasn’t right for you.

Guess what? That type of budgeting isn’t right for you either! You create your own work and your own hours and your own life my friend! 

Why should your finances be any different? Get started creating your very own Bulletproof Budget by clicking the resources here.

digital ceo roadmap to financial freedom

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Business Owner's Guide to Financial Security

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digital ceo roadmap to financial freedom

Learn how to achieve financial stability in just 4 easy steps

my bulletproof budget

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Take the Masterclass

your rock-solid foundation

my bulletproof budget

You can have the best course, the best services and the most awesome transformation a coach can offer, but if it’s not paired with a solid gold pricing strategy…

what is a budget roadmap to freedom

Step 03

Bulletproof for Life Program

total transformation

what is a budget roadmap to freedom

Heal your relationship with money so that you can earn it, manage it, spend it, save it and invest it with confidence and have lasting financial security.

feeling left behind

Tired of feeling like your life is
passing you by?


You’ve been busting your bum launching courses and programs, trying to land clients and bring in more income…

But none of it has solved the cycle of feast to famine – you know where you have a great launch and tons of income that month – you celebrate and feel amazing… and then in another month or so you’re broke and needing to stress out over another successful launch!

You’ve tried to manage it but all the advice you found talked about money as if you were getting regular paychecks and had a 401(k) from work and it just wasn’t relevant to your situation!

my bulletproof budget meet sarah

That used to be me

Let me tell you a bit of my story.

I was exhausted. It felt like I just couldn’t do anything else to turn my life around. There I was; divorced, trying to raise two sweet kiddos, working tons of hours while trying to finish my college degree, not yet receiving any child support… and then the boom came.

Autoimmune disease.

Seriously? Like I needed something else to worry about. I was giving my all to  make a nice life for my kids. Then to have to take terrible medication that made me so sick?

I felt defeated, as though these struggles were all I had in store for the rest of my life. Have you ever felt like that?

Then I had my moment of clarity. When my littlest one came up to me to tuck some blankets around me on the couch, momma was too sick to play. 

I knew that I couldn’t continue down this path of struggle and lack of freedom. Something had to give.

Then I found behavioral psychology, and boy did that change the game!

I learned that instead of accidentally sabotaging myself I could actually set myself up for financial success by working with my brain instead of against it.

Everything I had tried before were about changing who I was and what I did. And they never worked. Because they were trying to fit me into a mold that wasn’t made for me.

Ever since that first discovery my life shifted. I was able to actually save and provide the life I wanted for my family. I had made a bulletproof budget.

Now my business exists to help others achieve the same level of freedom and security.

Look, I think you are amazing! You own an awesome business and you deserve to secure your future in a way that actually gives you all the time, energy and creative freedom you started that business for in the first place! 

are you ready to finally be financially secure?

my bulletproof budget
my bulletproof budget

Her class taught me that I don’t have to “follow the rules” to be successful. I can create success on my own terms.

Pam R

you'll learn

What You'll Learn with the
Bulletproof Budget Method

mindset + strategy

Behavioral Psychology

Instead of focusing on how to “fix” yourself (like a lot of personal finance teaches you) you want to just be able to be yourself!

So I use your own natural tendencies to help you rearrange your environment for easy and strategic success. 

Once you know how your mind works you can make solid financial choices and decisions you can feel proud of – and that’s for life!

The goal with the Bulletproof Budget Method is to teach you once a system you can use FOREVER

Security Strategy

Every human being has a strong drive to feel secure and safe. You are no different. You deserve this!

What you really want is to create your own security – not dependent on others, on circumstances or what life can throw at you. 

To be able to stare life’s unexpected moments right in the face and say “I got this!”

That’s why the Bulletproof Budget method focuses heavily on creating financial resiliency and security – on your terms!

Easy Consistency

Look, I know that you don’t have extra time to sit and do the math, enter and track transactions into some restrictive budget.

So the Bulletproof Budget Method avoids all of that by using automation and psychology together to make it as effortless as possible.

And a budgeting system is worth absolutely nothing if it isn’t easy.

Every step of the Bulletproof Budget formula is designed to set you up for minimal effort sustainability – the less you touch it the better it will work! 

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The Money Myth Buster Podcast

A fresh take on finance

If you’re ready to discover the untold truths about money, behavioral psychology and really know the “why” behind the financial decisions you make…

This podcast is for you! Because it’s not about the about of money you make but what you DO with it that matters.

Learn how to relate to money in a whole new way while gaining practical tips and actionable steps to create the wealthy life you dream of.

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digital ceo roadmap to financial freedom

The Online Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Security

Get the 4-step roadmap to financial stability with a variable income.

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